Residential Privacy Fencing

Residential Privacy Fencing

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The redwood fences that Roseville Fence Company builds are of the highest possible quality. Wood fencing is the most common type of fence installed in homes. But that doesn’t mean there are only a couple of options. Here’s some info about materials and styles of wood privacy fencing we offer.

Redwood Fencing

The most common material used in residential privacy fences is redwood.  Redwood fence has several inherent qualities that make it a perfect choice for your residential privacy fence.  First, cedar naturally repels bugs, insects and termites.  This is one quality that make it a good choice for a wood privacy fence.  Another reason is that redwood is lightweight.  Together, these benefits make it a great choice for residential privacy fencing.

When installing redwood fencing, there are several style and design options to give your home a unique look.  Maybe you just want a standard redwood privacy fence – we can do that!  But, maybe you want a few finishing touches that will add some elegance and a stately look – we can do that too!  Or maybe you want a redwood privacy fence that will stand out in your neighborhood – we can do that too! Redwood fencing provides a rugged, natural look to the landscape of your backyard or home.

Pressure-Treated Pine Fencing

The second most common material used in wood privacy fences is pressure treated pine.  Like it’s cedar counterpart, pressure treated ipne has qualities that make it great for privacy fencing. First, as the pine is milled it is subject to high pressure while submerged in copper solution, forcing the copper solution to saturate the fibers of the pine wood.  This copper solution helps make the wood resistant to bugs and other insects, including termites. The copper solution also helps slow down the wood decay, allowing your privacy fence to last you several more years.  Pressure treated pine offers a look that is in contrast to redwood fences: pine fences have a smooth, and clean finished look. All of our pressure treated pine fences can be built with similar stylings to our cedar fences. 

Wood Fencing

Maybe all you need is a simple, traditional wood privacy fence. That’s great. But today, many people are desiring to spend just a little more money to make their privacy fence stand out in their yard. Let’s look at some options that can add to your home’s curb appeal.

Your fence is more than just a barrier, to hide your backyard. A privacy fence operates like a picture frame for your home from the street. It can detract from your home’s appearance, or it can help make your home stand out in your neighborhood.  There are several ways we can fashion your fence design to help you achieve the latter. Roseville fence company can take pictures of other fences you like, or you can take a look at previous fence jobs we have completed.  We’ll take the best of all of them and create a finished fence product that will help your home stand out. 

Eco-Friendly Fencing

Understandably, many people are wanting to insure that their fence project is also eco-friendly. At Roseville Fence, we are also concerned for our environment. That’s why we have eco-friendfly fencing options.

Introducing Trex Fencing

Trex Composite fencing is a great way to have an eco-friendly fence AND the beauty of a wood fence. Trex Composite materials are made using resin and wood particulate scraps from milling. This means your fence is made by maximizing the use of the trees already being milled. Second, your Trex Privacy fence will last at least twice as long as the traditional wood privacy fence. This means less wood will be used to fence your yard over the amount of time. And therefore, your Trex Privacy fence installation will reduce landfill waste, and lower the number of trees consumed for fencing purposes.  Now you can have a beautiful fence and save the planet!

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